Understanding what you want

A flexible and professional approach

A bit more about what you can expect from me

First and foremost, I understand that planning a wedding or important party can be an

exciting and anxiety provoking experience at the same time.

People tell me that the music can make or break a night and I agree. That is why I promise to listen to my clients and support them to make the music part of the event spot on.

I am willing to meet you at a convenient location prior to the event so you can get a sense of me and discuss your thoughts on music. If you are unsure about what kind of music you would like, I can offer advice on what playlists work and those that are guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor. If you want a low-key, stylish affair I can provide music to suit this style. If you want pure 80s cheese and inflatable microphones thrown into the crowd, I can also offer this.

I like to go over and above what people may expect. I frequently loan and transport a PA system to

the event for daytime use. This is ideal for speeches and announcements where no PA system is present in the venue. There is no extra charge for this but please do request it at time of booking.


I will always announce the first dance and the cutting of the cake and I am more than happy if you would like these moments to be more personal and for one of your guests to do this.

I will also announce any event related requests; for example the buffet opening, last orders. Other than that you won't hear me unnecessarily using the microphone and disturbing the music.


In terms of presentation, I like to dress smartly and typically wear smart chinos with a shirt and smart shoes.

My disco kit is up to date and well presented with a LED lighting system and a colour lit surround screen to hide all unsightly wires. The gallery page shows my disco set up at venues.


I have attended over 50 weddings either as a guest or as a DJ. I am more than happy to give my informal thoughts about what makes a night work and what can be done differently. I can also share my thoughts on venues in Mid Sussex as I've worked at most of them.


I have already taken several bookings for 2017 so if you wish to book please contact me as soon as possible to check availability.