Hello and welcome to my website. I'm Stephen (aka DJ Brewer). I've been a dedicated music fan since a very young age, saving pocket money up to purchase my first album when I was just 6. This album, the Human League's "Dare" recently celebrated its 30th anniversary proving just how long I've been keen on music. Growing up in the 80s I began building my music collection which I continue to do so today and attend many gigs and festivals. This year alone I've seen a variety of acts spanning the decades - St Etienne, Keane, OMD, Kool and the Gang, Stevie Wonder and not forgetting Five Star and Rick Astley!


My love of music led me to working in music retail, firstly at Rounder Records - Burgess Hill in 1992. I purchased the store in 1996 and subsequently named it Round Sounds.


Alongside the retail store I was DJing as a regular on the local bar scene in the 2000s playing club nights as well as retro 80s nights.


In 2008 I recognised it was time to close the shop and move my business online. I have since built up a successful wedding party and disco business alongside my other work. I am proud to say that I have built this purely on reputation and word-of-mouth recommendation. I think this is due to my professional approach, music knowledge and ability to listen what people actually want.


I'm known for my sense of fun, often breaking out the blow up microphones and guitars at private parties - as a friend said, 'you always know it's been a good night when you see one of Brewer's blow up guitars lying in the gutter'.